dilluns, 22 de desembre de 2008

Christmas Festival

On sunday 14th we had our traditional Christmas Festival at school.

Here are our 2 and 3 years old pupils :

Here are our 4 years old pupils :

dimarts, 9 de desembre de 2008


Hem fet un mural amb fotos d'Elazig i un mapa.
We made a poster with pictures and a map of Elazig.

David i Judith

diumenge, 7 de desembre de 2008

First recipy

On thursday we've cooked our first Comenius book recipy !

It's a "Hachis Parmentier". Our oldest pupils have prepare purée and 6 and 7 years old have cook the meat. Then everybody tasted it !

It was really good, we hope you'll try to ccok it and like it also !

dimarts, 2 de desembre de 2008

24th November The Teachers' Day

In Turkey, 24th November is celebrated as "the Teachers' Day". All the students give flowers to
their teachers and they sign special songs for the teachers.

Advent calendar

Since 1st of december, we've started to open every day one window of our advent calendar !

For more explaination on advent calendar, you can see :

Mural dels menjars de tardor en Anglès

Hem fet un mural de fotos de dels menjars de la tardor en Anglès l'hem fet:
We made a poster with the picture and teh names of the typical catalan Autumn foods.

dilluns, 1 de desembre de 2008

Sainte Catherine

In north of France, 25th of November is a special day.

Every little girl receives postcards wishing a happy Santa Catherine from her friends.

It's also a special day for every 25 years old woman which isn't yet married : she has to wear a special hat all day long and to feast it with her friends. It's called "coiffer Sainte Catherine".

Multilingual Conversation Guide

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