dimarts, 25 de novembre de 2008

Mihrajan Azitun (Olives festival in Morocco)

Al Marroc quan es recullen les olives es fa una festa que es diu Tboreda on es munta al cavall i fan una línia, corren i agafen escopetes i quan arriben disparen alhora.

In Morocco for the olives crop there's a Festival called Tboreda where the people ride horses and run and then altogether shoot their arms


dilluns, 24 de novembre de 2008

Playing 'Bitlles' (Catalan Bowls)

Here you are a clip showing how to play Catalan Bowls

diumenge, 23 de novembre de 2008

Back to school

Our pupils are looking for Turkey on the globe !

diumenge, 2 de novembre de 2008

All together at Elazig Planning next Comenius year

Teachers from Elazig, Manresa and Oust Marest are working together at Elazig planning our next Comenius Project phase devoted to the Traditional food.

Have a good meal!

A multilingual set of resources both in healthy food and on recipes from all over the world. Discover how to enjoy the delights of cuisine with a healthy nutrition.


La Castanyada (Traditional Catalan Festival)

ready to have the chestnuts and the "panellets"

The 31st of October is the day of the dead people, and we celebrates Castanyada festival. Is a very old holiday and it's still alive despite the time. At school we celebrate it making 'panellets' (almond and sugar Catalan pastry) and we bake and eat chestnuts beacuse is a very ancient tradition.


The students of 6th grade wear a Castanyer/a custom (people who bake and sell chestnuts at street) and bring the chestnuts to the rest of students. And we prepare a Terror House, beacuse these days is usual to tell terrific legends and stories.

Sofia and Soumia as 'Castanyeres'

Taufik & David

"Per Tots Sants castanyes i cargols amb banyes"

This Catalan proverb reminds us that Autumn is one of the most exciting seasons for traditional food. Many fruits (pomegranate, quince, grapes, chestnuts..) are ready to be eaten, others (olives) to be picked and with the Fall rainings arrive also the desired mushrooms and snails. To complete the menu arrive also some traditional pastries (panellets) and confitures (codonyat made with quince).

Our younger students prepared an exposition on Aurtumn fruits, and the elder ones learned how valuable are on the nutritional side.

Multilingual Conversation Guide

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