dilluns, 23 de març de 2009

Turkish balloons !

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divendres, 13 de març de 2009


During our Food Week all classes all our students prepared some food.
The youngest ones prepared -among others- a Catalan recipe : Pa amb tomàquet.

dijous, 12 de març de 2009

Fantasy Toast

Our students of 3rd and 4th course prepared toasts with fantasy flavours during our Comenius Food Week (9 to 13 March).

dimecres, 11 de març de 2009

Comenius Day

Tuesday 9th March was our Comenius Day

Some parents and grand parents helped us all day long :

they've prepared 11 tortillas ( using the potatoes )


and "turkish way" vegetables

Our 70 pupils have been involved in a big Comenius Game.

They've chat with our Manresa's friends ( special thanks to Moïses and Toni ! )

And we've enjoyed a very special meal alltogether :

Turkish salad

Turkish lentil soup

Tortilla and salad

Catalan Biscuits

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Preparing Comenius Day

Monday we've cooked

15L of turkish lentil soup

150 catalan biscuits (panellets)

and prepared and sliced 18 kg of potatoes

with our pupils.

We've also prepared a big exhibition about our project and dress the table for 97 persons.

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Multilingual Conversation Guide

cat en es fr tur